Stefanie's Story

I first met Kate in April 2009 when I was really struggling with my weight. I am 165cm tall and weighed in at that time at 80kg.

A friend recommended her to me as although I had started to lose weight before seeing her I didn’t really understand food and my diet consisted of bad food. Instead of changing my diet to make my health better and aid my new fitness, I only cut back on the rubbish food and this combined with all the work I was doing in the gym was making me exhausted.

I didn’t understand food, I didn’t even like food that much…until I met Kate. She was very approachable and friendly which was just what I needed with my low confidence at that time. Her knowledge of food is fantastic and she explained to me how the different food groups work and why we need them in our bodies. Not only has she been fantastic in all the sessions I have seen her in but she is also supportive over the phone and by e-mail and I never feel that I am a burden for her, she really cares about her clients.

  • Lost 25 kg
  • Down 6 dress sizes
  • Gym wasn't working

Before and After

Stefanie - before Lifespark

Stefanie - after losing 25kg with Lifespark!

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