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6 Week Program


Program fee

Assessment fee: Waived

*$100 early cancellation fee applies

12 Week Program


Program fee

Assessment fee: Waived

*$100 early cancellation fee applies

Our programs are highly personalised to meet your needs and include:


Just want a houly consulation?

For just an hourly consulation our fee is $135 for the inital consulation then $49 for a 30 minute follow up.

Rescue Me Package - $399.00


This intense 6 week programme is designed to help you alleviate frustration and effectively jump start your way back on track whether it be weight loss or wellness. We work together to create a healthy mindset and lifestyle action plan so you reach your goals faster.

Great for individuals who:

Have had an injury or currently recovering from an injury and are limited with exercise and don’t want to put on weight or need to lose weight Mothers/parents who have had a new baby and need to refocus on themselves Change of lifestyle e.g new relationship or single Corporates who are stressed and need nutritional guidance during stressful times.

Rescue Me includes:

  • A one hour initial consultation getting to know you or refocus if existing clients and putting together a Tailored Action Plan to get you back on track. It does not include nutrition plan.
  • A Tailored Action Plan includes a tailored prescription form on nutrient assessment, foods to include/ exclude, key information on how you can create intrinsic (internal/self) motivation and accountability and/put down some goals.
  • Bioelectric impendence measurements (body fat %, muscle mass %, visceral fat, water hydration levels, bone density) to have an in-depth look at what is going on inside the body.
  • 6x 20 minute weekly follow up consultations to help you form new habits, keep you motivated and accountable.
  • Complimentary 2 month post programme follow up consultation (value $49)
  • Complimentary access to the Lifespark Client Log in services

Kickstart Package - $480.00


The Kickstart Your Vision programme was created for the individual who is ready to do something about their health and bring their vision of successful weight loss to life! The tailored 10 week programme provides clarity so you know you can learn what foods work best for your body, have support around mind-set frustrations like emotional or stress eating, constant snacking or portion distortion and accountability to help put actions in place and reach your goals faster.

Kickstart your Vision consists of:

  • A one hour initial consultation with Bioelectric Impendence Analysis measurements
  • Goal and vision board setting
  • Tailored nutrition plan based on your lifestyle to provide direction and simplicity to your weight loss journey and the excitement with eating good food for great energy and wellness.
  • A personal action plan and checklist so you know exactly what you should be concentrating on.
  • Menu planner so that you can plan out each week with functions and home cooked meals
  • Food diary for each week so you can track progress and monitor nutrition intake.
  • Gain key understandings of how to read a nutrition label and ingredients list
  • Easy snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas
  • 6x 30min follow up consultations to check progress and get new food ideas
  • Exercise tips for best results
  • Mindfulness tips on how to manage emotional, stress or boredom eating
  • Complimentary access to the Lifespark Client Log in services
  • Discounted rates to all the Lifespark seminars and workshops

Deluxe Package - $699

This programme is designed for individuals not just wanting to lose weight but also invest in their health. Fatigue, digestive complaints, anxiety, depression, stubborn stomach fat, diabetes management, blood pressure or cholesterol control and nutrient deficiencies is what our focus is on.

Great for individuals who:

When your body is not in balance, you don’t function well and this has impacts on your emotional and physical wellbeing along with relationships with food and people. In this comprehensive wellness programme we get to the bottom of what is going on and what natural therapies we can apply to alleviate the condition and cause.

This package is particularly helpful for those who have plateaued with weightloss. Toxins are stored in our body fat so when we lose body fat through weightloss we can release stored toxins back into our bloodstream and muscle tissue. These toxins in turn can have an effect on our cellular health by slowing down our metabolism. Lim. S et al. Persistant organic pollutants, mitochondrial dysfunction, and metabolic syndrome. Ann NY Acad Sci. 2010 July; 1201:166-76

Deluxe Package consists of:

  • Detoxification questionnaire
  • Stress/ mood survey* if need be
  • Zinc testing (B12 and iron if necessary)
  • Cholesterol *if necessary
  • Bioelectric Impendence analysis for internal measurements
  • Prevent current health issues from escalating
  • Tailored nutrition plan based on your wellness goals including help with elimination diets or Detoxification programme
  • Menu planner
  • Food diary
  • Wellness tips
  • 6x 30min follow up consultations
  • The programme also includes a VIP free pass to any of the Lifespark workshops,supermarket tours or seminars and bring a friend for free.
  • Complimentary access to the Lifespark Client Log in services
  • -VIP discounted consultation rates after the 12 week programme
**Recommended supplements are exclusive of this deal as they are dependent on individual needs.
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