Brief Description

These are super delicious little home made bounty balls. I find they work best when you have finely desiccated coconut. IF you are watching your sugar intake then you can use Natvia (in sugar section of supermarket) and also the Well Naturally Sugar Free chocolate to melt (these are in protein bar section of supermarket). 



Bounty Balls

Healthy Recipes


1 cup

Rice malt syrup


OR Natvia


coconut oil

1/4 cup

dark chocolate


Or coconut suga


Cook Time

0 hrs : 30m



Makes / Serves

Nutrition Facts

calories65 kcal
carbs12.00 g
sugar4.00 g
fat6.00 g
protein3.00 g


  • Add the coconut and Natvia/ coconut sugar to a bowl and mix together. 
  • Soften the coconut oil (may have to do this in microwave or over some warm water), then add to the bowl of coconut and mash well with rest of ingredients. 
  • Using a spoonful of mixture, squeeze into a ball shape (you won’t be able to roll it in your palms, just squeeze it together, it is abit crumbly), place on a plate and put in freezer for around 15-20min so that the coconut oil hardens. 
  • Melt the block of dark chocolate bar and have it ready in a separate bowl. 
  • Take coconut balls out and dip gently in the chocolate to cover and then place back on the plate. You will see the chocolate harden around them. Once you have dipped all of them, re- dip to form a thicker chocolate layer. Place in a container and keep in freezer. Makes around 10 balls

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