Choc treat

Brief Description

This is a super quick little treat for those afternoons where you feel like 'something nice n warm'. Nothing really to be guilty of. OF course you can spice it up a little with some added extras like a little bit of cinnamon or coffee powder or tsp peanut or for a thicker consistency a TB of almond meal or protein powder. But when you are at work or home and need something basic this cocoa rich warming snack will do the trick. 


Choc treat

Choc treat

Healthy Recipes

free range egg




cocoa powder


baking powder


Natvia/ sugar


Cook Time

0 hrs : 10m



Makes / Serves

Nutrition Facts

calories80 kcal
carbs10.00 g
sugar2.00 g
fat3.00 g
protein6.00 g


  • Beat the egg in a bowl with a fork. 
  • Add Natvia, honey, rice malt syrup or other, sift in  cocoa powder, cinnamon, baking powder and 2Tb almond, coconut or dairy milk and until well combined. (if you want you can add 1Tb almond flour, or tsp smooth unsalted peanut/almond butter, or 1-2Tb protein powder)
  • Pour the mixture into a coffee mug or ramekin (not too small a ramekin- so that mixture is no more than half way up). 
  • Place in microwave and heat on high for 30 secs. This cooks it until almost cooked through but still gooey at the bottom like a self saucing pudding. If you want you can always cook it for another 10 secs or so (do watch it as it will quickly expand over the top of the mug or ramekin). 
For extra chocolate sauce:
  • While your cake is in microwave mix together the chocolate sauce- a tsp of cocoa powder, tsp honey or other and 1Tb water so that it forms a paste. 
  • When pudding is cooked, you can either remove from mug and place on a plate then pour chocolate pudding on top and sprinkle over some nuts or coconut. Alternatively you can pour sauce from mug/ ramekin and eat from dish. You may also serve with dollop of thick yoghurt. 

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