Brief Description

I never thought this kitchen contraption would come into handy, in fact after a few years of marriage, I never even got it out of the gift box! However it has now become one of the best things in my kitchen and I'm still pretty excited about it! Why? Because you can do so many things with it and there is hardly any cleaning up. Because the plates are non stick, you just have to wipe clean so no pans to wash. Now that I know you can do omelette mixture in this thing, I can have a waffle omelette everyday faster than making it in the pan. Plus its great when you feel like toast or bread as its low carb and gluten free.



GF Waffles

Healthy Recipes

free range eggs


coconut flour


OR almond flour




Ricotta cheese


Rice syrup


baking powder

1/2 tsp

Cook Time

0 hrs : 10m



Makes / Serves

Nutrition Facts

calories350 kcal
carbs15.00 g
sugar6.00 g
fat12.00 g
protein18.00 g


  • Switch waffle iron on. 
  • In a bowl, whisk the eggs. 
  • Add tsp vanilla essence, cinnamon, 1/tsp nutmeg (optional), then add in coconut flour or almond flour/meal (if you like it thicker you can add in 2Tb of each, and baking powder and beat/whisk well for 15 seconds or until batter formed. 
  • Pour batter into iron and close lid, wait 1-2mins and your waffle should be done! 
  • Drizzle 1Tb of rice syrup (low sugar compared to maple syrup or honey- but you could use those too- the carb count would just be higher) and top with large tablespoon of ricotta cheese or coconut yoghurt. 
Other options: 
Yoghurt and berries on top. 
Fried banana on top with drizzle of rice syrup

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