Green Ball

Brief Description

These little guys have earned a bad reputation over the years, they just haven't been cooked right or paired with the right combination. Also our taste buds have changed, you will notice if you are used to a high sugar, high salt diet or put alot of sauces on your food, something like brussel sprouts can taste really bitter. However, I think they taste really nice and can quite easily eat them raw. 

Brussel sprouts are super nutritious! They are part of the cruciferous family so along with broccoli and cauliflower they are jam packed with vitamin C- good for immune system, potassium- great for blood pressure and kidney health, folate- healthy cell replication especially for pregnancy or pre conception care, vitamin K for gut health, and much more. 

I love to keep them raw and finely slice them up, drizzle olive oil through with crushed garlic and add toss them through a salad :) But here is a lovely roast version.


Green Ball

Green Goodness

Healthy Recipes



garlic crushed


ground cumin


olive oil



2 cups



brussel sprouts

2 cups

salt and pepper

1/2 tsp

pine nuts


Cook Time

0 hrs : 25m



Makes / Serves

Nutrition Facts

calories80 kcal
carbs20.00 g
sugar5.00 g
fat5.00 g
protein8.00 g


Pre heat oven to 190 degrees Celsius. 
Wash and dice brussel sprouts into halves or quarters if they are quite large (if they are small I leave them in half). Place in a baking tray. 
Remove skin from butternut if haven't already, dice into small pieces about same size as brussel sprouts to allow for fast baking. Add to same dish.
Dice up onion and add to same dish
Drizzle olive oil over and toss through to coat evenly, then sprinkle over with cumin powder, garlic, salt and pepper, (optional if you want to add chilli flakes) add pine nuts.
Place in oven for 25 minutes until butternut softened. 

While in oven, wash kale leaves, rip leaves into pieces off stem and place in a bowl. Add tsp olive oil and with your hands massage the leaves well between fingers for 3 minutes to soften the tough leaves. 
Once soften also add a crack of salt and pepper to them. Once the brussel sprouts & butternut are done, toss the kale pieces through and mix. 

For an extra crunch, toss through toasted almonds slithers, or pumpkin seeds. 
Can be served as a side dish or add cooked chicken/ tofu/ chickpeas. 

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