Cool slice

Brief Description

This is one of my new favourites! Perfect to help keep you or the kids cool on a summers day, after school, or a perfect post sports or workout snack. High protein, vitamin C infused for muscle recovery and immunity and low carb. Plus these are gluten free and can be dairy free if you use pea protein instead of whey. 

They are energy dense so a little goes a long way. I added the peanut butter in as thought it may need it to stop the coconut cream going 'icy' in the freezer, it may be ok without the peanut butter but this does have a lovely 'creamy' taste to it. It didn't come out icy. 
Also if you aren't a fan of your protein powder flavour, perhaps add some extra vanilla essence, cinnamon, Natvia, honey or cocoa or cacao, Avalanche Sugar Free drinking chocolate or even a banana in the blended mix. 

I also used Avalanche SF drinking chocolate in the chocolate sauce but you may want to use actual dark chocolate or even mix coconut oil w cocoa and little honey if you don't have stevia. 


Cool slice

Frozen slice

Healthy Recipes

coconut milk

1 can

protein powder

1/2 cup

peanut butter


frozen berries

1/2 cup

Avalanche choc


coconut oil


Cook Time

0 hrs : 10m



Makes / Serves

Nutrition Facts

calories150 kcal
carbs9.00 g
sugar2.50 g
fat10.30 g
protein9.00 g


Either in a mixing bowl and using a whisk or you can add it to your blender...

Coconut cream, protein powder, peanut butter, (added sweeter if need it). Blend.
Line a meatloaf tray with plastic wrap, spread berries along the bottom. 
Pour mixture of the top then place in freezer for a few hours until frozen. 

Mix the 1tsp of Avalanche Sugar Free drinking chocolate (or you can use cocoa powder and a sweetener- protein powder DOES NOT WORK) and 1Tb melted coconut oil and mix into a runny paste. 

Take out frozen slice and drizzle chocolate sauce over the top. Optional to decorate with more berries or coconut ( I would if serving this as a dessert) 

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