Brief Description

This is about the healthiest cake I have ever made! Super high in fibre, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. This you can have for dessert or even breakfast with some Greek or coconut Yoghurt





Carrot Cake

Healthy Recipes

chopped carrots

2 cups

lemon juice

1/4 cup

free range eggs



1/2 cup

ground almonds

1 cup

peanut butter

1/3 cup



pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup

baking soda


Natvia/ sugar

1/4 cup

Cook Time

0 hrs : 50m



Makes / Serves

Nutrition Facts

calories120 kcal
carbs30.00 g
sugar10.00 g
fat5.00 g
protein5.00 g


  • Pre heat oven to 180 degrees and line or grease a cake tin. You can use a loaf tin aswel.
  • In your food processor add carrots and blitz until finely diced. 
  • Add in eggs and lemon juice and blend for 30secs then add rest of ingredients except for pumpkin seeds and blend until mixed through and you have a batter.
  • Then stir in pumpkin seeds before putting into a loaf tray or small cake try and bake for 30-40mins. The cake will go golden on top and if spongy when you press the top then it is done. 

Cream cheese icing:

-1 tub of Philadelphia spreadable cream cheese Or if dairy free, you can use softened coconut oil (not melted)
-2Tb lemon zest (peel off lemon)
-1Tb sweetener like coconut sugar, rice malt syrup or Natvia

With your hand or in processor, blend cream cheese and other ingredients well. Once cake has cooled, spread this around and decorate with pumpkin seeds or walnut or up to you.

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